High resolution extracellular recording and stimulation on a sub-cellular level


Microelectrode arrays for label-free in vitro neuronal cultures and slice preparations

CMOS-MEA Software

Powerful software to visualize, gather, and analyze electrophysiological data


Optimized solutions to discover neuronal network functionality for brain and retina research

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New ways to discover functionality in neuronal networks

Suitable for neuronal preparations from brain slices to stem cells, our high resolution MEA platform offers new possibilities in drug discovery, safety pharmacology, connectivity studies, and functional monitoring down to sub-cellular levels.


Highest density of electrodes based on CMOS technology

Based on complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology with the possibility to have thousands of recording electrodes, CMOS-MEA opens up new possibilities in electrophysiological research.


MEA solutions for extracellular recording and
stimulation at the highest resolution


New possibilities for in vitro electrophysiology

Built on more than 20 years of microelectrode array experience, the CMOS-MEA5000-System opens new doors in neuronal research.


Optimized layouts and chambers for slices and cultures

Based on complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology, MEA chips facilitate fast, high-resolution measurements of electrical activity.


Optimized high performance software with powerful analysis features

CMOS-MEA Software Kit

Visualize, record, and analyze huge data sets

Included in the kit are two software tools. The online tool CMOS-MEA Control for real time visualization and recording and the offline tool CMOS-MEA Tools for analyzing the data.

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